A beautiful wedding is a tribute to the love it celebrates. You can cherish your memories of this special day forever with quality portraiture by FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY.


Fine photography, like a good marriage, becomes more valuable with the years, revealing more and meaning more with the passage of time.  With over forty-five years of wedding coverage experience, I understand how important your wedding day is to you, and how important your wedding portraiture is and will be in the years to come.


It is my hope that you will use this guide in planning your wedding photography, so that after your special day, you will have memories that will be as unique and as individual as your wedding day itself.


WHY CHOOSE FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY ?  There are two things you want to be sure of in planning your wedding day.  A beautiful, unforgettable service, and photography that will capture the way you looked and felt.


With FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY you can expect beautiful photographs, and professional behavior. I subscribe to a special code of ethics regarding conduct at weddings.  I remain as unobtrusive as possible...and still get all the photos you have planned together.  You can relax and enjoy your wedding.


FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY often books weddings as much eight months to a year in advance.  If  I am your choice, you’ll want to make sure to schedule your first consultation directly after your engagement.


When you have FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY photographing your wedding, you get more than just the clicking of a shutter. When you look at the memories of your wedding, you’ll see all the elements of lighting, contrast, composition, detail and interest that have combined to make your special day show the best of you.  Two very special people embarking on a unique and exciting life together.


Your wedding memories begin long before your wedding day.  FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY begins working with you up to a year in advance.  When you plan ahead for the photographs you want...you truly have memories to last a lifetime.  Several consultations and extensive photo sessions ensure no disappointments or regrets.  Your wedding will be as you have envisioned.


Your photography isn’t just special to you.  It will be special to everyone who cares about you.  Your wedding photographs should provide a lasting happiness.  Use the same loving care in planning your wedding memories, that you do in planning your wedding.  FAGUE PHOTOGRAPHY brings sensitivity and skill to your special day of love and hope.  Together we will create a treasure for you to cherish from your wedding day forth.




It’s difficult to pay too much for something you really like, yet, price is usually the one obstacle that prevents many wedding clients from selecting the photographer who undoubtedly could give them the best value for their money. 


Quite often the difference between the price of the photographer you really like and the one who you feel is “within the budget” is miscalculated.  Understandable, of course! When wedding plans come down to dollars and cents, it’s hard to keep spending “a little more here...and a little more there”.  Somewhere along the line, you feel, you have to give a little!  There’s only so much money available!


Yet, within the framework of the entire wedding day, it makes good sense to evaluate the money spent on photographs in relation to what’s being spent on flowers, food and music.  Although everyone knows that the pictures are the only thing you have after the moment has passed, some people still feel they have to put the money “where it shows”.


Later, in the privacy of their own hearts, many of these people are often disappointed with photographic memories that give them nothing but heartaches...and there’s no remedy!


Let’s face it!  You’re going to remember the wedding day through the eyes, heart, and talent of your photographer.  When making the decision as to who that photographer is going to be, realize that often times you’re talking a relative difference of pennies!  On the other hand, if you’re unhappy, regardless of the “good deal” you’re getting, you could lose everything!


The bottom line, as you know, is not necessarily how much you end up spending on photographs.  It’s how much pleasure you get from them over the years.  At a time as important as your wedding day it’s often better to spend a little more for photography than you had planned...instead of a little less than you should.  These are once in a lifetime memories ... why gamble?

Remember, the most important thing about your wedding day is that it be filled with fun and joy. In choosing your photographer you should remember that you will be spending your entire wedding day with this person. Make sure it is someone who you are comfortable with and has your best interest at heart. If your photographer truly enjoys what he is doing, (and I do) you will have fun and the result will be some fantastic photos to remember your wedding day by.

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